What Are Doctors Saying About
Concierge Medicine Today?

"I appreciate all of the work that Concierge Medicine Today is doing to accelerate the growth and visibility of this type of medicine. We look forward to working with you more in the future..."

Group Family & Internal Medicine Center
Chief Operating Officer
January 2011

“To me, they [CMT] did the hard part…No one else does what they do…they know their stuff…they’re fact-checking, fact-finding, resourceful writers and journalists…they find and compile data about my industry and create educational articles that no one else has that my prospective patients actually want to read and I find come and talk to me about quite often.”

Family Medicine Physician
September 2010

"I simply cannot find a better educational resource that specifically targets this industry. The information is relevant and incredibly helpful for anyone
searching for concierge medicine."

ConciergeMD Twitter Feed
December 2010

“Kudos to you for the fantastic response time!”

New York
Family and Internal Medicine Clinic
June 28th, 2010

“CMT attracts an educated audience en masse that is only interested in the services we provide as concierge or boutique doctors. For that alone, I’m grateful!”

New Jersey
Primary Care Physician
September 2010

“I see that you [ConciergeMedicineToday.com] are one of the good guys in the fight for Freedom in Medicine.”

New Jersey
Internal Medicine Physician
August 2010

"Wow! I applaud your [CMTs] determination to find out what is really being said about these practices...and the information arising is actually positive,
despite what the media is telling us everywhere else."

ConciergeMD Twitter Feed
February 2011

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