By implementing a concierge medicine / retainer based practice model into your practice, physicians are able to:

  • spend more time with family and friends and can finally do those activities you always wanted because you now have time and resources to do them;
  • free from the administrative burden of paperwork and the hassle of scheduling;
  • less intrusion from the everyday burdens brought on by managed care, insurance and administrative headaches;
  • treat patients anytime and charge only a nominal annual fee for specific services;
  • patients, in turn, will be compelled to invite their friends and family members to support your practice in a proven, systematic, retainer-based model of health care.
  • Provide Better Care For Your Patients By Spending More Time With Them.
  • Create A Profitable, Irresistible And Predictable Practice Environment That You, Your Patients And Staff Can Enjoy.
  • Focus Your Time And Energy On Practicing Medicine, Not Business Operations
  • Earn A Predictable Salary, Gain More Time & Reward Your Family, Patients And Yourself.



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